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Deep Information Sciences

We’ve been working with the team at Deep for nearly three years now, helping them with everything from brand strategy and core identity to creative theory, voice development, investor presentations, company naming, product naming, websites, and product UI. The team at Deep have invented an entirely new database, DeepDB, that is capable of doing things that no database has done in forty years.

It is our belief that DeepDB is likely going to change the database world. After the length of time they have spent in stealth mode, we were thrilled to help them announce their public introduction on April 2, 2013. Visit them at www.deep.is

Kestrel Aircraft

In a previous life, Kestrel’s CEO, Alan Kleipmeier, revolutionized the general aviation industry. He helped introduce composite airframes to the owner/operator market, and designed the world’s first full-plane parachute. So when we were given the opportunity to help him bring his new company to life in the

market, we didn’t hesitate. After launching the new brand at the Oshkosh AirVenture during the summer of 2012, we are now working with the team to develop the marketing strategy that will take them through delivery of their first production aircraft a few years from now.

Atlas Venture

Atlas Venture is one of the more visible vc firms in Boston. They focus purely on two markets—technology and life sciences—which makes the nautilus shell, perfect in its mathematic repetition and yet so undeniably organic, the ideal logo mark.

Our illustration abstracts the details of the shell into a graphic form, and then plays with it in various sizes and croppings. The project included identity design and identity program development.

Bang & Olufsen

We were hired to solve a problem B&O was having in gaining traction with hoteliers in the Americas. Throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, the presence of B&O equipment in hotel rooms is viewed as a valuable status symbol. But when they brought their offering to the Americas, they ran into unexpected headwinds. As we dug into the project, it became clear to us that there were two primary causes for this. First, the

sales team was using consumer materials to market the products to a business audience that knew little about its products; second, the audience categories that had been identified were confusing the conversation. So, after reconsidering B&Os approach to the audience, we created a new website that functioned as part brochure and part private project portal. (This work was done by one of the Leap partners while at another firm.)

Telescopes of Vermont

Telescopes of Vermont has been around for almost a decade, and is a new client for us. We are working through the strategy process, which will illuminate a new path for creative theory and execution. While we do that, the company had the need to fulfill

a spread placement in a national landscaping magazine; we designed this ad to showcase the product’s beauty and craftsmanship.

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